state, condition, situation的比较高二英语知识点

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  state, condition, situation

  (1)state表状态、状况时,强调人或物在某种特定时期内具有的特征和所处的环境,如:normal state,

  the mental state,the present state。

  The people of the world want t0 end the state of war

  between the two countries.


  (2)condition 含义与state基本相同,condition 可指形势、事态、状态等。

  The goods arrived in good condition.物到达时完好无损。

  (3) situation 意为形式、情况、局面时,强调各种情况之问重要的相互关系以及该情况与有关人之间的关系。

  The situation in the Middle East in none too happy at present.中东局势令人堪忧。