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  "51" labor day arrived, I took three days off, I think should be a labor holiday, labor day and mom to discuss a plan, plan to better action... (this is my mother's remind) :

  1, my mother and I work together, let labor bring happiness into my home.

  We prepared at home together for cleaning, clean clothes, I wash some socks, underwear, hats, etc. Mother to wash the bulk, such as: clothes, bed sheets, etc. Then I'll clean up the balcony, bedroom, and some books, mother responsible for sweep the floor and the kitchen. Hum, let the dust in my home nowhere to hide, all off it!

  2, my mother and I study together, make elegant with every corner in the house.

  Mom and I want to make a reading contest, who read the best, and see who is the best. Ha ha, we have "professional", that is my brother, who he likes to read books, who will win! Then, we find out some good words from the reading, we talk about feelings and thoughts, see who is looking for the most, to see who is the fastest. Brother would be very happy in this elegant! This is the biggest wish my mother and I.

  3, I want to do a delicious meal with her mother, to celebrate May Day, because the labor the most glorious!

  I think: dad is hard work, the holiday also cannot rest, dad is responsible for the work, I want to let dad are tasting the delicious food at the same time, my mother and I do happy May Day. I have a little secret: write a letter to my father, tell him I love him, tired to rest, eat more delicious!

  I have to seriously complete the teacher the assignment, check yourself! To write two wonderful diary, see, I'll arrange a good labor day, mama said, recently outside of infectious disease is more, as far as possible not to go anywhere there are a lot of people, I gave up the idea of go out to play, sports, reading, labor in the home, can happy spend the vacation!










  "51" labor day is coming, this is my last one in primary school "May Day" holiday. In order to make the seven days of the holiday, can have a more fulfilling than normal and happy, I will do as much as possible two not mistake, study and entertainment with honours farewell to cultivate my Alma mater for six years, entering junior high school, I have been for so, I decided, "51" holiday before two days of mom and dad to go to visit relatives and friends, I will get down to five days after seriously devoted to learning, are now learning plan is as follows:

  A, finish school the assignment seriously.

  Second, the extra-curricular three copies.

  Third, copy and read the English word a day 50.

  Four, watch TV or play computer every day not more than an hour.

  Five, the practice hard-pen calligraphy half an hour every day.

  Six, keep the good habit of early to bed and early to.

  Seven, took advantage of the opportunity to experience the "51" section housework to help my mother clean the health.

  Eight, every day to read a classic articles.

  Nine, copy every day ten words good language.

  Ten, mathematics back one back important calculation formula, some key passages in the language to read the text.

  Eleven, finish school teacher assigned homework carefully.

  12, to get all the knowledge that the cut way, record down, do it.

  13, the teacher in this semester to deliver new knowledge by doing, read, back truly converted to their real ability.

  14, to review all the knowledge learned before, and practice and consolidation.

  15, when review, if there is a little knowledge to analyze and understand, if you have not understand, ask dad.

  16, do take rests, relax, when reviewing the review seriously, the rest rest well.

  Everything is set, BuYuZeFei. Believe in the plan, this one "May Day" holiday will have a more fulfilling than normal and happy.