growing up with good books英语作文60词

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  Book is the ladder of human progress, is the source of our wisdom. Let's read more books and do a wise man!

  Just because I love reading so much, at ordinary times in life also made many jokes! Remember once, I was looking at a book with relish, dad call me: "it's too hot, you go to buy a watermelon to eat!" I reluctantly out of books, take money to buy a watermelon. Halfway, I go unnoticed in the wrong direction, go to the bookstore. Into the bookstore doors, take a deep breath. Ah! All over the house the fragrance of books, I was immediately fascinated by the book on the shelf. Dad told me to buy watermelon things behind, I bought the book. A bookstore, I remembered that want to buy a watermelon. The mind at that time, I took a thought, or said fruit shop boss is not in. No, like dad that character, have to run to the fruit shop to see you! I confessed, dad didn't scold me, but said: "reading is a good thing, but it can't be too obsessed with."

  A good book with me to grow!





  A good book will accompany my whole life. "Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat" like an arrow time flies, we should cherish the time reading, our each points every second is precious, when we finish a day in the arrangement of things, the rest of the time must read more.

  Reading can not only increase knowledge, still can make us to the next level of writing, every night, I picked up the book, see to turn off the lights, the late father, mother afraid I lack of sleep, sometimes nasty while I do not pay attention to the, suddenly turned off the light.

  On Saturday, Sunday, when I just peace, on the other hand, I can't read, now think really regret, should not waste the time.

  Normal reading, with relish looking at, I read the addiction soon, other people call me, I can't hear you.

  I love books, good books with my life.