a pleasant trip英语作文及翻译

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  a pleasant trip英语作文(一)

  Today, I finally went to the place where I dream - qingyang.

  First of all, mother, brother and I take a bus to the sunshine plaza, on the road by car, good stuffy so hot, make me want to vomit, after more than ten minutes (or a few centuries), finally to the destination. After see the road with some blankets, you want to buy something to eat. I just got some to eat, but actually to ten pieces, and those of the component even less than 1 kg, will 13 yuan a catty, as expensive as glutinous rice cake, really sucks! Buy things and this turns out to be a foreign devil, you know, my life the most hated foreign devil! So I hanged for a sheep as a lamb, not bought directly, after I accompany mother go for a long time, really tired, so looking for mom to take two pieces of myself by bus to go home, but mom said: "not line, if meet the bad guys to do! If you accompany me to go out, I will ask you to eat chicken leg!?" I passed "think twice", finally agreed before (in front of the food, I forgot the lesson).

  After 3, 4 hours long with shopping, I finally got her chicken legs. On the way home, I always think, no matter how much we eat a chicken leg, all make up for my legs (hard, too fast into the chicken leg). This is mother spoke again: "next time with me, I ask you to eat."

  Ah! Along with shopping, when to take!





  a pleasant trip英语作文(二)

  Maijishan is a picturesque place, there are many places of historic interest in the mountains, let a person gasp in admiration.

  Last summer vacation, mom and dad took me to the maijishan, I am happy to jump three feet high, heard the news, quickly pack to maijishan supplies. Just wanted to go out, dad said to me, you always leave some mark to maijishan. Dad, I really forget something, the camera. Oh! Almost forgot. I hurried to put the camera installed.

  Finally set off, I sat in the car, don't mention how happy heart. In a short while singing, see the scenery outside the window for a while... The roadside tree one is behind us, my heart already flew to maijishan. Although the road go bad, but no one complained.

  The maijishan. We watched the undulating mountains, heart was full of praise. Maijishan like wearing a green dress, lush, beautiful! We slowly down the stairs at the foot of the mountain to climb. Climbed halfway up, I'm afraid not, said to his mother: don't climb, don't climb. Father said, "do you want to climb a mountain, persistence, can't give up". Rest for a while, we continue to climb. After about an hour, we finally climbed to the top of the mountain. When I look down from the mountain, house, car, people became ants so big, I couldn't help to back. Standing at the top of the hill, can relax the mood, seems to be closer to day.

  The trip, already let me increase of knowledge, and widened the field of vision. I like to travel more and more. Father said I should have time to bring to travel.