my changes英语作文六年级

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  my changes英语作文(一)

  Things are changing and people are changing. For example: age, height, mind, etc.

  One day, when I had finished my meal, I went into the hall to watch TV, when my mother hurried out of the house. After a while I went to the kitchen to get a drink, I saw a mess on the table, I thought about it, rolled up my sleeves and started packing!

  I'll get the dishes in the sink and clean the table with a rag. Then start washing the dishes. This is the first time I wash dishes. It used to be easy for mom to wash dishes, but it wasn't that easy. The dishwashing liquid was so careless that the whole pool was bubbly, and I played with it, and I cleaned it three times.

  When mom comes back at noon, she goes to the kitchen and starts cooking. As soon as she entered the kitchen, she came out in surprise and asked, "what about the bowl on the table?" I stood up proudly and said, "mom, I washed the dishes." The mother smiled happily and said, "when did you behave so well?" I ran up to my mother happily and said, "mom, I'm one year older, and of course I know better!" My mother smiled at my head.





  my changes英语作文(二)

  As I learn more and grow up gradually, I change in many aspects. My teachers say I study harder and my parents say I am more sensible than before. As for me, I want to learn more in school and be a good boy to make my parents happy. Now, I am more focused on lessons and finish my homework actively. I know that only by working hard in study can I get a bright future. At home, I often help my mother in housework. I want to be more independent so that I can take good care of myself. I don’t want my parents worry too much about me. Besides, I like reading now. I realize books can be my friend, too. It is really interesting.