an unforgettable experience英语作文

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  When I was five years old, one Sunday afternoon, it was the first time I played a computer. Dad said, "this is the mouse, this is the keyboard..." Then the father went out in a hurry, and a good story happened.

  I sat in front of the computer and clicked on it, and I was so curious about it that I pressed it. Then, an icon immediately disappeared from the computer screen, which was taken off the "junk" on the computer screen. Great, I'm going to take all the rubbish out. Then I delete it as I did. I deleted it, and called out, "I delete and delete and delete..." After a while, I was baffled why the online neighbors and my computer and the recycling station couldn't delete it. When dad came back, I happily tell dad I help clean up garbage process, computer's dad hit the ceiling result, originally I not clear "junk", but my dad spent most of the genius has installed the software yesterday, dad immediately called me a dog blood spray head.

  Through this thing I got a lesson: curiosity is not no, but some people are just ran a curse because of curiosity, so we are curious to curious, don't more hands feet, so as not to trouble.





  The unforgettable time in life is like the countless stars in the sky, and the sand in the sea. One thing I can never forget!

  Once, I took a bag of snacks in my house and ran to my friend's house to eat. When we arrived, we went upstairs and we pushed the door hard and locked the door. We're eating fast in it! When we came out, the door wouldn't open! We're in a hurry!

  Luckily, his home was still decorated, and with his uncle, we shouted, "help! We can't get out!" The worker's uncle came quickly and said you turned the lock to the right and left. The door was opened for a long time. Uncle worker scolded us: "why do you lock the door, you eat in there and there is no one to help you, really." We were defaced and blushed.

  It was a memorable event, and we didn't dare, and we were inspired.