Respecting Our Parents尊重父母作文

时间:2019-03-16 父母 我要投稿

  Respecting Our Parents


  Dear editor,

  Nowadays, there exists an increasingly severe phenomenon that teenagers don’t show respect to their parents. As we can read in newspaper or watch in TV, some teenagers quarrel with parents, some talk back and some even resort to violence. As to this problem, I’d like to advance several proposals as follows.

  Initially, we should realize that it’s our parents who give us lives. Without parents, we can not live in this world. Therefore, the importance of respecting our parents can not be overemphasized. What’s more, it goes without saying that we have to remember the birth day of our parents, when we can express our gratitude to them. None the less, respecting our parents should be done from every detail. Just as a proverb goes, “piety is above all.”

  To sum up, respecting parents is our traditional virtue in China. No matter how old we are, it’s a priority to respect our parents.