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  Today, I came to the riverside park fly a kite. I had tired sitting on the chair. Suddenly started to pour with rain, I had to go home, along the way, I think: if, on the chair to have a magic since the rain awning that it would be good!

  Right, the second day, the teacher let us discuss imaginative inventions, confident I held up his hand to the teacher and the class said: "I want to invent a kind of automatic litres of rain awning, installed at the back of the chair." Have students impatiently say: "why automatically. Fixed not is also very good, this much trouble ah." "If that happens to be in the winter, the sunlight is so bright, that don't put the awning sunlight? That tourists will certainly don't like." Immediately like thunder applause rang. The teacher also nodded and said: "that is a great invention." Just call me go ahead with its structure and benefits. I with relish, said: "this automatic rise rain awning can use solar energy to store electricity, if it's raining at the time, tourists can press the red button, it will jump out of the two" ears ", from his chair and then "ears" on both sides will expand rapidly thin and strong fine gauze, in the end it will form a like awning. It more than a meter, a blue, non-toxic, tasteless, and visitors if they think the rain not bottom, just as long as a green button, awning will be like an umbrella is behind the chair, if in summer, the hot weather, visitors sitting in a chair if feel irritable, please press the white button, it will "click" sound out of a sunshade, tourists on the head, and if the chair is too wet or dirt, so you just need to press the yellow button, the chair will be popped up on both sides of two robot-arm, wipe the chair for tourists. Moreover, it need not take paper towel, only use hand a pen will do." "Jingle bell" class dismissed. Everyone out of the classroom play it up.

  Ah! How I wish I can magic chair out soon.





  Mention "fire hydrant", you will say this much more visible, what's new. But we would have had a serious "fire hydrant in the class, it is not a red ware, but a blue wooden cases, we call it" the worry sweeper. Because the invention patent belongs to our teacher in charge, so we call her "the fire chief".

  Whenever someone became alternative in harmonious notes, captain drawn finds out, she immediately picked up secret weapon "fire hydrant" mission. (suzhou wanda enterprise service www.szwdzl.com - wanda literature)

  Remember the campus after the kite festival, in the end the stool into the classroom, Xu Ye because his deskmate accidentally knocked over his pencil case, no matter how deskmate apologize, is not trap to feel avenged with a straight face. I come forward to persuade, good would persuade became added fuel to the fire, and he also fired at me. Captain is helpless, I found this lens, said nothing, but in no hurry to end the sweeper, slowly walked to him and he smiled, "hurry to vent is not happy!" Xu Ye can't, the appearance of a smile through tears tickled his deskmate also embarrassed to "coke".

  Since the trouble clearing device, the secret weapon that the captain, who always love to jilt to strike by internal heat strong convergence for many classmate, although have spirit in the heart, see the trouble clearing on smiling face naturally disappear. Also because of it, and make our collective with the flower of peace, occasionally someone did very upset, very painful, you can use the worry sweepers to remind him.

  Ah, also old class way to go!


  只要一有人成了和谐音符中的另类,被队长的火眼金睛发觉了,她会立即拎起秘密武器“消防栓”执行任务。( 苏州万达企业服务 - 万达文学 www.szwdzl.com )