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  Harmonious campus is a sense of security. Even if the clouds cover day, rain pouring, thunder growling, as long as in school, as a shelter, is a sunny day.

  Between the classmate be caring and attentive, "your clothes wet, I accompany you to the reception to dry!" "Don't afraid of thunder, my mom said when it rains, the stars in the sky is a photograph of us." Teacher for primary school students carefully dry head of rain, workers standing in front of the door, open an umbrella for no classmates on into the glass house.

  Heavy rains stop, the cool breeze, elegant lilies bloom, under a statue of the virgin have beauty. "Peony is good, but still to the leaf support." Flowers no messy in the grass, the grass is green, healthy and strong. This is no nefarious mouse, only under QuWuCunJing harmony, nature.

  After Madonna, went to the school playground. Long ago, a variety of game. The classmates like soldiers in readiness and some cry, cheer on his teammates, spectrum, and a magnificent and joy) more than doubled, to encourage each other, the applause is not only belongs to the victor.

  Last week, the Hong Kong schools appear bullying. Remember the Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: "don't need to care about him, to the poor is he the man." No matter whether the bullying, we should also prevent the occurrence of school violence, fortunately, justice will always stand up. Actually bully more in need of help, instead, revenge than together, jointly create a harmonious campus.

  Not ACTS with a beautiful and harmonious campus, harmonic Zhang curtain, but up to the teachers, to the students school, have a care about each other, a tolerance.








  We grew up under the influence of campus culture gradually grow up, have a beautiful and harmonious campus is a common wish. In the campus, helping and love each other in our midst unity behavior can be seen everywhere. In the school spring sports, we held a special tug of war. Although not much "heavyweight" player in our class, but miraculously won the good result, the students cheer ah, jump! We won by what? Is our heart, unity and friendship among the class out, so want to win the honor for the class. So in a very critical juncture, we work together. Heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, coordination finally, at the moment of the willies desperate to win.

  This is the power of unity. In the "donation sichuan" activity theme. Let us elementary school students a more caring, let the friends of the same age with us on campus learning, let the children to read in the flowers and happiness. The students to donate their usual saved pocket money, 1 yuan. 5 yuan. 10 yuan, or $one hundred. Although we donate money is not much, but the drop of water into the river, also can let many children read the book. Smile, hot heart, scenes and harmonious. Can be seen everywhere on campus. In the campus is permeated with the dedication of love. As early as two thousand years ago, the Lao tze of our country. Confucius and zhuangzi had put forward the idea of building a harmonious society. To realize social harmony, build fine society, is the pursuit of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, also is the contemporary society.

  School is an important part of society, the construction of a harmonious campus is not only directly influences the talent cultivation, and is related to the construction of harmonious society in the future. A caring more and some less, more than a genuine feeling, less conflict. As a primary school students, we should be more in the calls for the environment to build a harmonious society, efforts to learn science, with unity and friendship among classmates. Help each other, make national flower bloom in every corner of the motherland!

  我们从小在校园文化的熏陶下逐渐成长,拥有一个美丽和谐的校园是大家共同的心愿。 在校园,就在我们身边团结互助友爱的行为随处可见。在校园春季运动会中,我们举行了一场别开生面的拔河比赛。虽然我们班没有多少“重量级”选手,却奇迹般夺得了好成绩,同学们欢呼啊,跳跃啊!赢了靠的是什么?是我们全班同学一颗颗无比团结友爱的心,想为班上夺得荣誉。所以在非常紧要的关头,大家齐心协力。心往一处想,劲往一处使,动作协调终于在那心惊肉跳的一瞬间,拼尽全力取得了胜利。

  这就是团结的力量! 在“捐助四川”活动主题中。让我们小学生多一份爱心,让那些与我们同龄的朋友一起在校园中学习,让那些失学儿童在鲜花和快乐中读书。同学们踊跃地捐出自己平时积攒的零花钱,1元。5元。10元,甚至一百元。虽然我们捐的钱不多,但滴水成河,也能让许多孩子读上书。一张张灿烂的笑容,一颗颗火热的心,一幕幕和谐的镜头。在校园中随处可见。校园中洋溢着爱的奉献。早在两千多年前,我国的老子。孔子和庄子都曾提出过构建和谐社会的设想。实现社会和谐,构建美好社会,是中华民族几千年的追求,也是当代人的社会理想。

  学校是社会的一个重要组成部分,构建和谐校园不仅直接关系到人才的培养,而且关系到未来和谐社会的建设。 多一份关爱,少一些争执,多一份真情,少一些矛盾。作为小学生,我们更应该在呼吁共建和谐社会的大环境中,努力学好科学,与同学团结友爱。互相帮助,让民族之花开遍祖国的每一个角落!