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  篇一:Animal talk speech 动物的语言 英文版演讲稿

  Animal talk

  We all know people can use language to talk so we know each other better ,this kind of communication makes our life easer and more convenient . this is a basic knowledge of human life and I believe no one will doubt about this .

  Human is a kind of superior specie among the countless animal species on the earth , one of the reasons included is we can use languages while other animals can not say a word . however , is it means animals can not “talk”

  It is undoubt that animals can use their ways to communicate . a ant can tell other ants the way to foods it finds just by torching and a special smell.Bees use a kind of more complicated dance , dogs and cats seems understand what we say,and some birds even can be trained to say words like “hello” and “bye”. Can these be concluded to their “language”

  Here are some difference between “animal talk ”and “human talk”.

  1. organ

  2. content

  3. awearness

  4. grammar

  I believe we now clear about the difference between animal talk and

  huaman talk ,we can say animal may use signals in many ways ,such as callings, odor, touch and expressions ,however, these are hardly to be called as a kind of talking in a strict way .because they are very simple and often refers to basic constant meaning (food or army). What s more, neither insects .birds nor dogs have the intelligence to talk ,the relation between animal and their word can only be concluded to a reflection through the long evolution decades.




  Protection of Animals-No Fur

  2013 is a significant year for American anti-fur campaign.From September that year,West Hollywood has became the first city to ban the sale of fur clothing.So far,there are 339 enterprises have promised not to sell fur products.

  Recently,In a film, which is shot by USA Humanitarian Association against using animal’s fur in the fashion. The hollystar Woody Harrelson as a narrator to call for a refusal to wear fur.“It is a difficult thing for people to let them face the behaviors of abusing animals directly,because no one wants to find the truth that how to get animal’s fur.”He said .The video is so impactful ,which will help you know the cost of wearing fur clothes.I really hope fashion designers and costumers can think twice before using and wearing animal’s fur.

  In the USA,buying fur is considered one of the typical “ politically incorrect”behavious.Hilly Clinton has suffered losses because of it.At that time,Tailoring helped Clinton made a mink coat and told the thing to news media. So the Ethical Treatment of Animals was angry. As a result,the PETA called on people to stop this “outrage”.Finally.Cliton admitted that she had a 25-year-old mink coat,she replaced it with a new pieces and gave way to people.

  According to the International Animal Protection Organization Statistics,there are 8 million animal’fur are traded around the world and feeding more than 30 million animals for the purpose of getting their fur.

  Gandi once said:one recognizes the greatness and the moral growth of a country by it treats the animals.”China is the major exporter of fur in the word. Its 95% of fur products for export.By now,more than 100 countries have enacted the laws about baning abusing animals. but china just start to do it.

  As far as I am concerned,something must to be done to stop this outrage.We believe “No Buying,No Killing” ,if you can agree with that,we must make concerning laws to protect animals.In this way,we can build a harmonious society.

  篇三:13岁女孩震撼联合国演讲 关于保护动物的英语演讲

  Hello, I'm Severn Suzuki speaking for E.C.O. - The Environmental Children's Organisation.

  大家好,我是Severn Suzuki,我代表儿童环境组织来此演讲。

  We are a group of twelve and thirteen-year-olds from Canada trying to make a difference:VanessaSuttie, Morgan Geisler, Michelle Quigg and me. We raised all the money ourselves to come six thousand miles to tell you adults you must change your ways. Coming here today, I have no hidden agenda. I am fighting for my future.

  我们是一个十三四岁的小群体,我们想改变些什么:Vanessa Suttie, Morgan Geisler, Michelle Quigg和我。我们自己挣钱支持我们来到这里,旅行5000英里只为告诉你们成年人,你们必须改变你们的生活方式。今天我来到这里,我背后没有任何经纪人,我们为我们的未来而战。

  Losing my future is not like losing an election or a few points on the stock market. I am here to speak for all generations to come.


  I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world whose cries go unheard.


  I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet because they have nowhere left to go. We cannot afford to be not heard.


  I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the holes in the ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air because I don't know what chemicals are in it.


  I used to go fishing in Vancouver with my dad until just a few years ago we found the fish full of cancers. And now we hear about animals and plants going extinct every day -- vanishing forever.


  In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterfilies, but now I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.


  Did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age.


  All this is happening before our eyes and yet we act as if we have all the time we want and all the solutions. I'm only a child and I don't have all the solutions, but I want you to realise, neither do you!


  You don't know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer. You don't know how to bring salmon back up a dead stream. You don't know how to bring back an animal now extinct.And you can't bring back forests that once grew where there is now desert. If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it!


  Here, you may be delegates of your governments, business people, organisers, reporters or poiticians - but really you are mothers and fathers, brothers and sister, aunts and uncles - and all of you are somebody's child.


  I'm only a child yet I know we are all part of a family, five billion strong, in fact, 30 million species strong and we all share the same air, water and soil -- borders and governments will never change that.


  I'm only a child yet I know we are all in this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal.


  In my anger, I am not blind, and in my fear, I am not afraid to tell the world how I feel.


  In my country, we make so much waste, we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, and yet northern countries will not share with the needy. Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to lose some of our wealth, afraid to share. 在我的祖国,我们制造了如此之多的垃圾,我们购买商品,我们随之丢弃,买来,再丢弃。然而有些国家,有些人,却不会分享给那些真正需要的人们,甚至他们拥有的远远超过自身需要的时候。他们害怕分享,害怕失去自己的财富。

  In Canada, we live the privileged life, with plenty of food, water and shelter—we have watches, bicycles, computers and television sets.


  Two days ago here in Brazil, we were shocked when we spent some time with some children living on the streets. And this is what one child told us: "I wish I was rich and if I were, I would give all the street children food, clothes, medicine, shelter and love and affection."


  If a child on the street who has nothing, is willing to share, why are we who have everyting still so greedy


  I can't stop thinking that these children are my age, that it makes a tremendous difference where you are born, that I could be one of those children living in the Favellas of Rio; I could be a child starving in Somalia; a victim of war in the Middle East or a beggar in India.


  I'm only a child yet I know if all the money spent on war was spent on ending poverty and finding environmental answers, what a wonderful place this earth would be!


  At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to behave in the world. You teach us: not to fight with others, to respect others, to clean up our mess, not to hurt other creatures, to share - not be greedy.


  Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do?


  Do not forget why you're attending these conferences, who you're doing this for -- we are your own children. You are deciding what kind of world we will grow up in. Parents should be able to comfort their children by saying "everyting's going to be alright" , "we're doing the best we can" and "it's not the end of the world".


  But I don't think you can say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of prioritiesMy father always says "You are what you do, not what you say."


  Well, what you do makes me cry at night. You grown ups say you love us. I challenge you, please make your actions reflect your words. Thank you for listening.