时间:2018-08-23 英语日记 我要投稿

  Medicine is something that you do or take to make you feel better. It does not only mean the food but also what you do, for example, like running, it can also make you feel better. There’re two definitions of medicine.

  When we get sick, we always go to hospital and get some medicine. But sometimes we just need some extra exercises to make us better; doing exercises can also be medicine.

  When you’re in hospital, the doctor will ask you a lot of questions. He may ask your age, hobby or if you have a cough or not. Finally, he will ask you which medicine you are allergic to, so that he can decide which medicine is good for you or a plan for what you should do next.

  You will always think that all doctors are great and they know everything to do and they’re all good for you. But things do now always happen like what you thought, in China, some doctors are extremely bad when they were in college, but for some reason they passed the test. When they get into work, they don’t know what to do; they may suggest the wrong thing to you.

  People sometimes think when they get ill, it’s because they have been casted a spell. In the old time, when there were no doctors or nurses, the witch doctor helped other people. It’s not really helping, they just did something looked very magical, but in fact it didn’t work out.

  Medicine isn’t always perfect. For example, when you’re taking some western medicine, it may make one part of your body better, at the meantime there will also be a side effect, you have a tummy ache. So you can’t say all medicine is good.

  If you want to stay healthy, don’t take a lot of medicine; exercise more, so you won’t even get sick.