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  You, like a grain of dust, quietly in the assault on tea. You, like a demon, viciously despair to the unfortunate. You, like a god of death, mercilessly deprived the soul of the desperate. ...... Although you like a god of death, you are like a god of death fear of light, there is a weakness. Though we can't to you face to face down, but we know that happen to you, also need a certain way. So, we can in these ways, take you away. ...... But perhaps because of the vice and neglect of one part person, destroyed by your soul is increasing. We in the war of no gunpowder smoke with you, with you, continuously expand and develop. During the cruel war, we had come to know, to knock you, must be on the premise of improve our ideology and must save are corrupt, and alarm for carelessness. Yes, we always believe that the final is your destruction, but at the same time, we also call on all people clearly see you, not vice and negligence, also will not be deterred by you, even if your name is HIV/AIDS. Come on, let's AIDS prevention, cherish life, believe that victory is no longer a distant dawn comes. ...... Heard these things, you must know the importance of life? Yeah, the beginning of life is a candle, until your mother give you some "wick", you begin to write the first sentence for precious life poetry. Until you will be called "yi ah yi ah", will speak "mother", a shake a put to walk, will say many, many words, have thought, will feel everything is so beautiful. Till now, did you know if our lives of AIDS, just never see butterflies dance track and spring like washed the sky this truth? If you out the candle, that you see will be darkness, not light. ...... In order to not let us lose precious life much earlier, from now on, please look around the size of the details. The classmates! Please drive your mom and dad, relatives and friends, let everybody pay attention to personal hygiene, AIDS is not with us! Let us shout loudly: "AIDS prevention! Cherish precious life!



  December 1st is world AIDS day. Every year on December 1, are referred to as "world AIDS day" is to call for people around the world action, and the common fight against AIDS.

  At present, drug and HIV/AIDS situation is very serious in our country, the school is an important field of the drug and HIV/AIDS prevention. AIDS is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is caused by a retrovirus's immune defense system aspects of the disease. When the body is normal, the body immune system to play a good "defense", to resist attacks of various kinds of pathogens. But after infected with the AIDS virus, the body of this kind of good defense system will be damaged, defence function decline, thus when pathogens and microorganisms to march into the blood line of flight and broken wounds. In addition, some abnormal cells in the body, such as cancer, is also the opportunity to grow and flourish, quickly developed into all kinds of cancer. That is to say, the main performance for AIDS patients severely damage the immune system, decreased body resistance, so that cause serious infections and some rare cancer.

  In 1981, after the United States found the first AIDS, the spread of HIV/AIDS disease virus worldwide at a staggering rate. In order to improve the public awareness of the AIDS harm, the world health organization (who) on December 1 every year is determined for world AIDS day, called on all kinds of activities held by countries around the world on this day, publicize and popularize AIDS prevention knowledge. According to statistics, in recent 20 years in our country has more than 1 million people infected with HIV.

  AIDS is a terrible disease, once infected, our current medical level is hopeless, but as long as we are totally, scientific prevention, is completely can avoid suffering from AIDS, as a student we should do the following two points:

  1, first of all, learn to protect themselves, to stay away from can lead to sexual harassment and sexual violence environments and places, such as clubs, karaoke bars; Don't go out alone at night. Time to rest in the net cafe, halls and other places can't play too late, etc.

  2, with others don't share same toothbrush, electric shavers, no drugs, no tattoos, eyebrow tattoo, not grain lip line and grate on the ear, eye, don't share needles and syringes. Less than disinfection no specification, no business license of medical institutions and clinics treating the tooth tooth extraction.

  At the same time, we also want to know the general contact, such as shaking hands, eating together, sharing learning supplies, telephone set, sneezing, coughing, mosquito bites, swimming and so on are not infected with HIV/AIDS.

  Teachers and schoolmates: school is to train builders and successors of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in the cradle, is the dissemination of scientific culture and spiritual civilization, strengthen the drug prevention education for everyone is to improve their comprehensive quality, and ensure their healthy growth needs, and to prevent the breeding ground for new drug addicts and the spread of drugs to the society is an important measure. Let us act together, for themselves, for their families, to build for the society

  Strong defense line, stay away from drugs, AIDS, cherish life. AIDS prevention, starts from me