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  Food, is indispensable to human things. Someone said the food and human, human beings cannot leave food. If there is no food, human will not survive.

  As people living standard unceasing enhancement, our food is more and more rich, all kinds of food, no matter what, what flavor, but also beautiful and delicious. But some merchants to obtain greater profits, by hook or by crook, with some poor quality raw materials, produce many unqualified products, put many additives, synthetic pigment, some even have carcinogenic substances, such as Sudan red and white block and so on, bring great harm to people's physical health.

  In some of the roadside stalls, there are a lot of food is not very sanitary. Though, so I can smell the smell of food, let a person feel very want to eat, but, in the food, there are a lot of junk ingredients. Dad once told me that these food stalls, some is cooking oil in the oil, some is bad food, have a plenty of 3 without the product, and bacteria, and even with infectious germs, endanger human body health.

  In order to improve the food quality, ensure food safety, the rising national food standards, and implement the market access system, requirements, origin, date, indicate on the food packaging standards, composition and so on. So, the food is good or bad, with the national standard, can identify completely.

  And so that when we buy food, to regular stores to buy normal manufacturer production of food, look for the shelf life, composition, QS logo, etc., don't buy at random, roadside stall at the school gate, don't eat bad food. As long as we always pay attention to food safety, we can guarantee the physical and mental health, all the good food safety off, the world would be a better place.







  As the saying goes: "." Now food safety problems emerge in endlessly, caused the public gaze. Food security is related to the safety of the people, relates to the stability of society, to the prosperity of the country... We only have to do a good job of food safety, to maintain the peace of the world.

  From the previous "sanlu milk powder", to "clenbuterol" today. Food security is becoming worse. Manufacturer for profit, by hook or by crook, can put chemicals in milk powder, to cooking oil. These turned out to be the baby milk powder to eat, now has a chemical, parents can don't worry about it again. In response, premier wen jiabao and the state council counselor in strong opinions in the discussion. Now because of demolition and make many farmers didn't field, food has also been gradually reduced, coupled with the food problems more let many people now are not LiaoSheng. Now, pesticide residue in vegetables production industry salt, feeding milk powder to eat a big head doll, kill drank rice wine... These shocking events, let a person scares. The side of the road there are many stalls in nantong, it is safe. But sometimes also can't help but the temptation of food, even if know something out of the carpet is not health, also had to the drill straight to your nose smell "surrender" that caused disastrous consequences. The factory for the benefit of a dry people the harrowing experience. I do not know these people watch the food safety reports, whether can arouse their conscience. Really realize his mistake,

  Dr Morrison said, food safety will be heavily tested, but some people with no conscience, earn money, make fun of people lives, at that time people fate is in their hands. So we should advocate the spirit of "eight honors, eight disgraces", to maintain their own safety, words such as "inferior" erased from the world, is a quiet, beautiful homeland. Let all the people no longer tortured by food.

  Unity is strength, together with hard for food safety, as to have the real "well-off" family, ZuGuoCai will be more prosperous.