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五年级英语作文 篇1

  Happiness is important for everyone.I think helping others is the happiest things in my life.Learn to help others every day.Aappiness will follow.I helpothers every summer.

  Last summer vavation.I had a very interesting holiday.I went to an old oeoples'home.They were loney.I helped them to wash clothes.And swept the floor every moring.I sang or danced to cheer them up.They also told me some stories.Imade a big dinner for them.Iwas satisfacyion when I saw their face with smile.

  I will help more people in the future.That can make me happy.





五年级英语作文 篇2

  Christmas morning! Children like to wake up early while it's still dark and sneak into the living room to check the presents——find any with their name on it, shake them to guess what's inside, and then maybe they'll go back to bed and pretend they are still asleep when their parents come to wake them with a "Merry Christmas!" .

  But almost no one I know gets completely dressed or eats a regular breakfast first thing Christmas morning. They just put on a robe or wear their pajamas and go to see what's under the Christmas tree. Some Christian families have a tradition of reading the Bible story of Jesus' birth. Maybe it's to remind the children that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

  Someone will begin to take the presents out from under the tree, see whose name is on the package, and then pass them around. Some families wait until all the presents have been given out before opening any of them, while others open each one as it comes to them. There are many "thank you" to the ones who gave the gifts, new clothes are tried on to see if they fit, and of course the most interesting toys will immediately be played with.

  Usually among the Christmas gifts will be some especially delicious candy or cake or cookies which everyone tastes. These sweet things may be the only breakfast many people eat Christmas morning. After the gifts have been opened, the room will be tidied up except where the children are playing with their toys. Everyone will wash and get dressed for the day.

  Some people may go to a Christmas morning church service around ten o'clock if their church didn't have one on Christmas Eve. But most people will just watch TV. Well, most men will. The children may play outside or inside with their new toys, but the mothers will be in the kitchen preparing Christmas Dinner.

五年级英语作文 篇3

  It is of great importance to make and maintain a green campus in our university or college. Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do that in the present days, since the concept of “a green world” has become the focus of the society.

  The idea of “a green campus” is beyond a green environment. To begin with, the development on the campus is to be sustainable and recyclable. Some of the authorities’ budget should be on how to reduce of the waste. What’s more, we’d better be aware of the seriousness of pollution around us. Thus the idea of environmental protection may become a common occurrence in our daily life.

  It is necessary that effective actions should be taken to protect our campus from waste and pollution, and hence these activities are to play an increasingly important role in our daytoday life. Certainly, there is little doubt that further consideration must be paid to our green campuses.




五年级英语作文 篇4

  One of my classmates was knocked down by car last term. He was badly hurt. He had to stay in the hospital for several months. We were very sad.

  One night, he felt very hungry. He wanted to buy some easy noodles to eat. He ran very fast. He didn’t stop when the traffic lights were red. He couldn’t escape. His legs were injured. He said that was a terrible(可怕的) memory. He said he would obey the traffic rules forever.

  Please always remember the traffic rules. It is very important for us. Life is wonderful. Let’s obey the rules at any time.(约100字)

五年级英语作文 篇5

  I have a beautiful and kind mother, she is considerate and helpful!

  His childhood memories, a lot of memories are floating in the mind, and many things impressed deeply in my mind. Remember, mother took me to accompany her permed hair when I was a child, but all of a sudden rainstorm, while my mother and I only took an umbrella, and my mother and I are very anxious, desperate mother picked me up and let me carrying an umbrella, I suddenly realize, even the little brother little sister package at ordinary times can't mother now picked me up! Timing I felt the great maternal love!

  At home I asked my mother why do this to me? Mother blurted out ": no why, just because you are my daughter!" I don't believe anyone can say this sentence in the world! "Why not" these four words, from her mouth, how just decisions, how have no swirl! He love me, not because I'm a celebrity. She loves me is no strings attached. He is burning for the love of all is ruled out, wipe everything, layer upon layer wave covered by things around me, and love me directly.

  It let me know how a mother to her daughter's love is the greatest, most selfless love, sun is not need any condition!





五年级英语作文 篇6

  Teacher, you are a ray of cool wind in summer. Teacher, you like the flame in the warm in winter. Teacher, you like a candle, burn yourself out to give light to others. You are the gardener cultivating we become proud of flowers. You also like a boat, we load the other shore of success.

  I want to thank my head teacher Shi Yunyun teacher, she is a young female teacher, she has a head of black with a yellow hair, she has a pair of bright eyes, with scythe-blade of curved eyebrows, her ears like clairaudient, who is in the loud noise such as classroom she heard him clearly, she is a very sensitive nose, and a red mouth, the teacher all kinds of clothes is very clean and the skirt is very good-looking, wearing fancy sneakers.

五年级英语作文 篇7





  我手中的笔都快握不住了,听老师说还要写中文,我晕,不早说,看都没看,还好记得大概。第一个单词play sports,我咬了下笔头,思索片刻,sp发成sb所以这样读,那应该是sp,我迅速写下。go for a walk,听老师读,中间有a,可不能写掉了……