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写动物的英语作文 篇1

  My Pet

  When I was nine years old, my father gave me a dog on my birthday. I was very happy to receive this present. I named the dog "Snow".

  Snow likes to eat bones, carrots and cheese. Every evening, I will bring it go for a walk in the playground near my house. My family like it very much because it is very cute. When I play with Snow I feel as happy as a king. To ensure Snow is clean an tidy everyday, I will bathed it daily.

  I feel lucky and appreciate the joy that it brought to me and my family.

写动物的英语作文 篇2


  My favorite little animal is a kitten, and we have a kitten in our house. It was sent by a neighbor. Because the kitten is dead now, so I often think of it.


  The kitten was beautiful. He had a snow-white coat, and the pads under his paws made him walk without a single sound. The most unique is his eyes: one eye is blue, the other eye is green. Blue eyes are like sapphires, green eyes are like emeralds.


  Kittens are voracious, and sometimes a pound of fish will soon be wiped out. Once, my mother cooked a bowl of soup. The cat jumped onto the table and ate it with relish. While I was eating, it was discovered by me, so I gave him a hard lesson. The little cat drooped its head as if to say, "I dare not."." I laughed at once.


  Now that kitten has died, since then, every time I see a kitten, I have to play with it. Kitty, where the hell have you been?

写动物的英语作文 篇3

  Dogs, along with cats, are thought to be as the most favored as pets in America today.?This wonderful animal is valued for their companionship, protection and friendship they bestow to their owners. So it is hardly suprising to find dogs or cats on television shows and movies and who could not forget Lassie, one of the most famous canine of all time.?

  For the wonderful companionship this pet gives, it is vital the owner does his or her share of responsibilities that comes on owning a dog.?The owner has the obligation to make certain that their pet receives adequate attention and affection, adheres to a nutritious diet, have regular visits to the vet for a check up or for shots and a plenty amount of exercise to keep them healthy and mentally alert.

  Although it takes time and effort to care for your dog, the rewards ultimately pay off.? In return for their owner caring efforts, the dog will grant them unwavering loyalty, their affection and most important of all, the desire to please you.?This is probably the reason why people sometimes prefer this exquisite creature than their own and for years to come canines will remain people favorite pet.

  The snake is a long and thin animal that lives in grass or other dark places. 蛇是一种又长又瘦的动物,生活在草丛里和阴暗的地方、A snake has no legs or feet, but it can move very fast on its stomach.蛇没有腿和脚,靠胃部飞快的移动前进。 Snakes usually have green, yellow or black skins, which make them difficult for their enemies to find them. 蛇常常有绿色,黄色和黑色的皮肤,使得敌人很难找到他们。Some kinds of snakes live in water. They can swim as freely as fish.有些蛇生活在水里,他们能像鱼一样飞速的游移。

  Snakes are cold-blooded animals. In winter they hibernatein holes which are narrow enough only to hold the snakes' bodies. The snakes can sleep through a whole winter without eating and moving. They can not feel any pain. The hibernation period lasts about five months. When spring comes, the snakes come out and begin their normal life.

  Snakes can take many things as food, such as mice, sparrows, frogs,birds' eggs, pests and so on. People sometimes can see a snake eat a sparrow. First it moves close to the sparrow, then it puts out its tongue and brings the sparrow into its mouth and swallows it, which makes a lump in the snake's body. After some time the lump disappears.

  As snakes are dreadful-looking, people are afraid of them. Many people drive them away whenever they see snakes. But in Chinese fairy tales, snakes are by no means bad. They seem to have human feelings. They can change into pretty girls. People like and respect them. The most well-known is the story about the White Snake and the Blue Snake.

  In fact, snakes are not as dreadful as they look. They can help us to kill mice and pests. They can provide us with delicious meat. Their blood is a good drink. Poisonous snakes are especially useful. We can make valuable drugs with them.

写动物的英语作文 篇4

  On Saturday, I went to my grandparents' house to play, entered my grandpa said to me: "home to a puppy." I ran quickly excitedly to the kennel.

  This little guy is sleeping, I to control his feeling excited, could not help but to touch it by hand, but who knows, the puppy vigilance is so high, my hands touched it hair, it is all of a sudden I woke up to now. It eyes, big carefully look at me, as if to say: "who are you? How do I haven't seen you?" I see, oh! Big round eyes, a small nose, cherry small mouth, not fat or thin face, and a pair of big ears and a air shook tail. In the summer it will lick up scattered cooling, is really a handsome boy!

  After dinner, I also want to see this little one to eat, then took a piece of meat on the ground, I thought to myself, so delicious it must be very like it. But to his surprise, it's just to smell the smell, and go to the side. I think, if it is afraid of being seen just refused to eat. Then, I hid behind the door, secretly observe it. Sure enough, little guys walking slowly in the past, and look at the then eat it with relish. It ate a piece of meat, I then from behind the door to come out and play with it. I threw a ball out of the distance, said to it: "help me to pick up the ball back!" It seemed to understand my words, kicking ran in the past, with his mouth put the ball has been sent to my side, and in this way, we are happy to play up.

  My dog is so cute!





写动物的英语作文 篇5

  Protecting the environment is to protect human beings themselves so that one day in the woods, no birds sing.Prairie did not run in the calves, there were no fish in the water turbidity flight : :the interdependence of human and animal nature will be gone forever.The disappearance of a species will disappear forever, so there is no way to the disappearance of the animals return to the embrace of nature.So to save endangered rare animals is a matter of great concern to mankind, the China Wildlife Conservation work is a formidable task.November 1988, China promulgated the "People's Republic of China Wild Animal Protection Law,"China's Wildlife Protection and Management law,Meanwhile the "wild animals under state protection list" up to 300 species of protected animals.All animals are natural angel -- she calls human harmony with the spirit of the fairy tale world of each species are given to human beings -- her beautiful little daydream and let us join hands and strive to Green Guardian,care for wild animals!

写动物的英语作文 篇6

  Elephant is the largest animal on land today. It weights some ninety kilograms and is about one metre high when born.

  When it is 12 years old, it studs over three meters and does not grow any more. Elephant is usually grey in color, having a long trunk with large ivory tusks protruding from each side of its mouth. Usually moving in groups and caring for each other, Elephant is know to be a very and gentle creamre. For many years people have used the strength of these poweful animals to move trees and heavy logs. Elephant has been and is a vital tool for people to do many things that would normally be imposs-ible.

  Elephant is and will continue to be one of the greatest creatures man has ever come into contact with. Its size. beauty, and power willforever be useful to man.