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  难忘春节的英语作文 篇1

  When I hear the TV on childrens songs: 26 27 to kill the cock, 28 stew meat, the surface of hair, 29 buy wine... Every time I hear this nursery rhyme: Im excited, looking forward to the New Year coming.

  On the first day of the previous year, also known as the New Years eve, every family reunion dinner. Essential to the dish on the table, it is a fish, and fish cant eat, it represents the "more" year after year. Table sugar, peanut, jujube is also essential, it represents the "spring to early". Table and dried persimmon son, of course, it stands for "the best", also must have the almonds in the home, it represents the "happiness", another family reunion dinner on the table and a soy, unexpectedly, it is bean curd, it said "blessed". Next is our beloved, see flowers bloom of rice cake, not only has the tradition of eating rice cake in shanxi, the Chinese have the tradition of eating rice cakes, it represents the "annual high".

  We will make dumplings, eve to eat at 12 o clock in the evening, it represents the hand in almost a year and a New Year, also called "jiaozi". Making dumplings, less a few chili, candy bars and COINS, see who eat chili, said he had a thriving this year; If someone to eat candy, said this year he had a sweet; If who eat the coin, said bonanza. Not only these, the shanxi rural wood-pile, twelve o clock PM on New Years eve on sunblind DiaoQian, door hang red lanterns and so on all kinds of custom.




  难忘春节的英语作文 篇2

  Last year, the day before the New Years eve, my family is hilarious. We decorated the house together, in the living room, I hang up a small red lanterns, and father in the other room to hang some coloured small lights, flash, a bright a light, a plenty of small gift form, have a plenty of huaguduo shaped, and with a thin top. Some brilliant red, red like winter sugar-coated berry, sometimes yellow, yellow like the leaves of autumn, some green, green, like summer grass, some powder doodle, powder like spring lilac, the house is very beautiful, my preparation is finally over.

  New Years eve, I go to grandmas house, two sisters is here. It was getting dark. I anxiously asked: "what time is it now?" "Almost zero." Mother said. How long will it be a younger sister said: "ah?" Rang the bell dangdang when. Right, my fireworks lit, all of a sudden, out of a Venus, into numerous Venus, silver star in the night sky, blink, like raindrops fall. I put a root again, there are two bubbles like window, washed up in the sky after the explosion, a red and a green, a blue and a yellow, a green and pink. Mother lit a triangle of fireworks, standing point, like a fountain. When mother lit up a second, Ill get it down, gush out of things over the steps, mother frighten hide back, two sisters to the distance, I stood on the steps laughed, finally everybody laughed.

  The fifteenth day of the first, we want to eat yuanxiao, finish eat yuanxiao, Spring Festival is the past, I began to busy learning.




  难忘春节的英语作文 篇3

  Today, it is January 25, is the last day of this year, and today we are also very lively here: paste couplets, steamed jujube cake, go to the market, eat dumplings, stay up all night, set off firecrackers, ancestral graves are here we must not Less custom. The following are the same as the "

  Morning, my father called me and my brother early to prepare the New Year, I just go out and see my neighbors uncle uncle are up in the cleaning, cooking, are prepared in the New Year. At this time, the village suddenly remembered the sound of firecrackers, then, I could not help, and home like father and mother asked, I called my brother, began to set off firecrackers, firecrackers crackling sound broke the quiet morning, After a while, my mother told me and my brother to go to the market, by the way to buy some firecrackers back, we went to the avant-garde town, then, avant-garde people on the street, we have no traffic jam, but some traffic jam, we put Firecrackers bought to go home. The following are the same as the "

  Afternoon, my mother jujube cake just finished steaming, began to furnish the old people to stay that traditional items too! And then my father and I went to the grave on the back, when the day is already very dark, to eight, we family together in the dumplings, eat dumplings. The following are the same as the "

  Dream, I also dream of our family in that look at it.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇4

  When the new bell sounded, hundreds of millions of Chinese people cheered: "New Year! New Year!" Ah! What a wonderful new year! I am excited to run back and forth at home. Out of the window, suddenly, several salute flew to the sky, in the moment, exploded, and some like numerous meteors, and some like colorful flowers, and some like a shining sun, the earth shines like the day, pretty! The most exciting thing is that you can take lucky money, and a few words with a sweet, ha! Money on the hook!

  With the money, the next morning, we walk the child will become a high head! We use money to buy guns, buy sugar, etc., can be happy! Eat, and every family are together to eat reunion dinner, hold high after the blessing of the glass work smoothly, learning progress, financial resources rolling, family fun!

  After dinner, we put on the festive costumes, go to relatives and friends, my family is no exception!

  Came to grandma home, grandparents happy from ear to ear, sister sister, uncle aunt, aunt uncle, cousin cousin have come. At this time, it depends on your eloquence. Eloquence, do not worry about money is not hand. I was "keep a thousand days, the troops for a while," I was a kung fu is a mouth, called the world No. 1! I said I said I talked and said, I blow me blow me blowing blown. Three minutes and two minutes, five minutes and six minutes, uncle aunt wallet, purse! ...

  I published the "speech", we told me straight praise. I am not interested in this, a turn, haha! Start a few tickets myself!

  Happy New Year! Really hope that the next Spring Festival come quickly.







  难忘春节的英语作文 篇5

  Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .Itrsquo;s to celebrate the lunar calendar lsquo;s new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune .

  The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest .

  Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an unforgettable day.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇6

  This years Spring Festival with the years than I think more fun, because more than the previous weather should be warm, the sun shines on the earth, many people are in groups in the streets, talking and laughing, whether adults or children All dressed particularly festive! Especially at night the streets are colorful lights like dazzling colorful, firecrackers, laughter people feel that everything is so festive!

  The most happy but also a family of karaoke OK contest, our family are young and old to participate in, eat dinner we have come to the whole family has long been scheduled a good box, where you have prepared fruit, drink, candy, rice cakes, beer The The The The The The First of all we have to point their own best song, I am no exception, because I usually like to sing.

  The first song is my mother to sing the "good day", my mother that loud and clear the song has been the audience applause, the second and third. The The The The The And finally my turn, I sing a Fan Xiaoxuans "quiet, standing, standing" side singing and dancing, rich expression, rhythm clear, so that the atmosphere reached a climax, the whole family stood up for my warm applause, I am happy Very, it makes me more confidence, then sing more exciting! Finally, I was named this year "best popularity", "best typhoon", "best potential" and several "awards", so get a lot of red envelopes! I like this Spring Festival, not only a lot of delicious, fun, there are a lot of lucky money, the most important thing is to get together and relatives together, really memorable ah!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇7

  In China, the Spring festival is the first day of the lunar year.

  People usually start preparing for the festival one month before it comes. They prepare delicious food, and clean and decorate their homes.

  On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the family all get together for a big dinner. They stay up till midnight, and then play fireworks and crackers for good luck. On the first day of the lunar New Year, children put on their new clothes and greet their parents. They are very happy to get lucky money from them.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇8

  The most memorable holiday for me is the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, everyone is very happy. They can enjoy a happy family reunion dinner, and have many delicious food. The most important thing is that everything starts from this day.

  The winter vacation arrived, and after a long time, it came to three of the year, and we all looked forward to this day. Finally let me look forward to, because the annual Spring Festival, relatives came to my house to eat family reunion dinner, so everyone is busy, father early in the morning to go to the supermarket to prepare for us special purchases for the Spring Festival, delicious snacks, toys.

  Now, we are waiting to knock at the door. The first sentence after the opening must be some auspicious words. After a while, all the relatives arrived. While they were helping to make dinner, while chatting, I played with my brother, sister, brother and sister, and our brother performed magic tricks for us. Have fun.

  In the evening, we call dad eating, looked at a full table of food, we have to greediness, at this time, people invariably say: give each one a red envelope, after tonight, we are happy to welcome the new year.

  This is not only the holiday that I like, but it also makes it difficult for me to forget that this festival is the Spring Festival.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇9

  Look forward to it! Look forward to, see the Spring Festival is coming soon, think of this, I can not help laughing, before the Spring Festival, people are all happy, full of spirit. In some shopping people in a continuous line, buy some in the New Year paintings, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival some sit, the fire box weizhehuolu watching TV, there are people playing mahjong playing poker, so this is not the only one.

  The butcher sheep, busily preparing for the Spring Festival feast.

  When the Spring Festival arrives, the children get up early, come to their parents room, and start the traditional worship ceremony. Children of parents said some auspicious talk, her parents took out the gift money, let the children happily. Everyone wants to be able to good luck this year, felicitous wish of making money.

  Some friends and family have a joyous gathering, taste the delicious food and wine, talked some happy talk. The most happy is that we can save a lot a lot to get gift money, then full of joy ran to the street to buy a lot of fun things, such as cars, car, toy guns, football, and we just sweet little mouth, say some blessing words, it can make a lot of money the!

  People have been playing late at night, eating delicious fruit in their mouths, and setting off firecrackers in their hands... Adults and children were now singing, now dancing, indifferent to have fun!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇10

  This years Spring Festival is really unforgettable, the spring festival couplet, the new year, the Dragon Dance... The most memorable thing for me is to wipe the cannon.

  That time, (time should be related to the Spring Festival) I bought a big box of cannon back with my pocket money, and I played with my brother Zhou Lei. We set up a fireworks array and selected one of them. All kinds of fireworks went out in all directions. They were covered with purple, yellow, white, and dazzling meteors. They were very beautiful. But while we were having a good time, I actually happened unexpected trouble, Zhou Leis dress was a hot, he was scolded by his mother. Looking at that poor look, I cant help but to him, so he said to him: no matter, as long as the body is not hurt, next time to pay attention to the point. Lets change a new game! He shook his head for me: I didnt play, I didnt play! At this time, I found beside a drum, my heart started, I lit one immediately in the bucket. Pendant of a deafening voice came out of the bucket, I cheered: success, success! This is safe! We laughed, we began to enjoy playing together.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇11

  Every year, Spring Festival makes me happy, because I can spend a long holiday to stay with my families. On the New Year’s Eve, all the families got together. We woke up early in the morning and then my mother started to purchase some food to prepare the big dinner. I helped my mother to bring the food. Before dinner, there was a tradition in my hometown.

  We needed to bring the chicken to take a bow to our ancestors, showing our respect and gratitude. When the dinner’s ready, we ate happily and talked a lot. Then at night, the families pasted the New Year’s scrolls and decorated the house. What a harmonious environment and we enjoyed the family hour. In the next few days, I visited a lot of relatives. It was a good chance for us to communicate with each other.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇12

  Spring Festival is one of the most important festival in China.

  I spend the time with my family and relatives in Beijing, in which we do many activities. At the important time, we group together watching TV shows and enjoy every single second we are together. Normally, we play cards, cook food, hangout with friends, play with firework, and develop good relationship with relatives.

  Without a doubt, Chinese spring festival is one of the most important festivals in China, which allow us to get our mind off the busy work and study.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇13

  The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in china.

  Every year the spring festival.Schools and units will leave to let people go home for the spring festival.On the eve of the Spring Festival we will clean the house,do special purchases for the Spring Festival,buy new clothes.At Spring Festival,we would also like to set off firecrackers,wearing new clothes,pay New Years call to relatives,eat many delicious candy and food.I like the spring festival.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇14

  I like Spring Festival best.

  A thought of the Spring Festival, can eat the delicious food, also can buy all kinds of small fireworks, also can earn a lot of money, buy a beloved toy, beautiful new clothes, and set off firecrackers, which are more think more happy days.

  When the Spring Festival comes, families stick to the couplets and buy New Years goods and keep the house clean and tidy. On the first day we got up very early in the morning, go to grandpa grandma happy New Year, after the New Year I can get a lot of lucky money, then go to eat dumplings, set off firecrackers every household, the air and the colorful fireworks, after the Chinese New Year to worship the elders, I took the money to buy a toy fireworks, I like to eat, the adults play mahjong, I and a friend to play, 2 to people, I take my father and mother gift relatives, also can earn a lot of lucky money.

  The Spring Festival is happy. I like it very much.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇15

  The Spring Festival of 20xx finally arrived, the sun shining on the earth, a scene of jubilation, people came to the streets, the original broad avenue crowded with water.

  People come to the shopping mall, it is really a sea of people, many people bought large and small gifts, to visit relatives. It was very cold in the park, but everyone braved the cold and took the children to the park.

  This is a rare holiday for our children. We can play, eat, and do what we want. This day, it is like the "free festival" of our children.

  Happy life is to thank our ancestors, if we do not have them, we will not have today this happy holiday, in this happy time, we also cannot forget to learn.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇16

  Today, I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival happily with my father and mother.

  As soon as I got to my hometown, I found a new spring couplet on the door, and I was happy to find my brother. I took a football cannon. It was round and green, with a thin layer of plastic and very green. I carefully put the gun on the steps, the younger brother help me to bring the flash sticks, I slowly put a stick on the gun, only heard the "bang" a loud explosion, this gun is football really loud!

  We watched the gala dinner together after the New Years eve dinner. There were sketches, crosstalk, singing and dancing...

  It looks great!

  This year, we have a very happy reunion. I wish everyone a happy and happy New Year!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇17

  Today is the Spring Festival, father, mother, sister and I the family go to grandmas Spring Festival, grandma prepared delicious food, have fish, lamb, chicken, duck, of course, the most important thing is the dumplings.

  After we had finished eating was about to turn on the TV watching the Spring Festival gala, grandpa and grandma stopped me and said: "this is your New Years money, is 100 yuan". I closed down and said 1: "thank you". Grandmas face smiling like a flower.

  At midnight, we go to put firecrackers, there are flowers, and rotation. Dad said: "you put a spinning"! "Good" I took a firecrackers with my father a touch of smoke, get thrown out, dad took a nude on the manhole cover, I favour say: "wrong", "my father said," whats wrong "?." This is in his hand. "he took a gun in hand lit, really like what I said.

  In 2011 the Spring Festival I am very happy!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇18

  In the New Year, my friends are changed into the new clothes take off the old clothes. In people look forward to every day, New Years day finally came, people began to busy. Buy fireworks small stall out doing business; Buy confectionery out doing business; Buy everyone couplet is out of business. We took to the streets to purchase them, a seething streets.

  That night, whether there will be a few families put fireworks lit into heaven; Sometimes there are several naughty kids do not help, holding a small firecrackers, threw it into the ground, and of the earth in pain bi BiBao peel. Families to turn on the lights, and some people are watching TV, some family reunion dinner again; I with mom and dad said jokes, stories, watch TV, I immediately to mind a poem: firecrackers in New Years eve, the spring breeze gifts into the toso. Always find Tong Tong, brought new peach in old character.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇19

  The New Year, every household all beaming, thirty in the morning, when the early children is put firecrackers bang pa "straight ring, also woke me from my dream. After I get up, quickly came to grandmas house, the New Year, I also get the point force for this home, isnt it? I help adults to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, chopping vegetables, preparing dinner. My starling and liao elder brother also seems to be the festive atmosphere to infected, not shut up to call the "hello! Hello!" .

  Today each have division of labor, dad cooking, mother to wash the dishes, grandma to eating food, my mission - is to do a big fruit platter. Ill pick out a big apple from the fruit basket and a big orange, to buy the string up and a few kiwi fruit. After I peel the apple and orange peel cut in the middle of the plate and into the plum flower form, then the red from branches off with cold water wash, blanching, again on the peripheral form wavy plate lace, finally, the kiwi fruit stripped skin, slice sideways, and fold up and placed in the middle of the fruit bowl.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇20

  Before the Spring Festival, people made haste. In cleaning cleaning, to buy new clothes and new shoes to buy new clothes and new shoes, buy necessities to buy necessities. In cleaning some sweep away some of the spider web on the ceiling, some in the window, some not commonly used before the things clean; Buy some sugar in to buy necessities, melon seeds and buy chocolate, and so on.

  New Years eve is more busy. Adults get up early in the morning, go to busy supermarket to buy all kinds of food to prepare dinner.

  On the first day is the happiest day of our children. Our best wishes to the adults, the elders will give us New Years money, and bless our learning progress, happy every day. We can wear beautiful clothes to play and play outside.

  I like the Spring Festival, happy and happy Spring Festival!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇21

  Home this Spring Festival I went back to my father and mother and grandma together, just to my grandmas only listen to the sound of "pa, pa, pa" the sound of firecrackers, entered the house after I said to my grandmother grandma, why should put much more noisy firecrackers? "then my grandmother told me that setting off firecrackers is a custom, said master for visitors, oh, originally the small set off firecrackers also has knowledge greatly, I dont the sighs. Then, and I know a lot from my grandmother mouth, such as; One or month, every family to kill pig, zi ba, bean curd, rice cakes, catch production... special purchases

  You know, every New Years day a few days ago, families are in cleaning, affix Spring Festival couplets, until, on the morning of the lunar New Year, must be up early to make dumplings, dumplings will to put as COINS into the dumplings, said in the New Year prosperous, making a fortune.

  Over the years, the second day, people with zi ba, pig, etc to happy New Year. Happy New Year to be back in 15 commonly, because is the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival every family point candles, sometimes the lion dance and so on.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇22

  Our family is no exception. I picked up a pair of Spring Festival couplets, sticky glue neatly affixed to the door. Dad and will "fu" character (on the door. Sister is busy in the house, she first picked up a few red lanterns, hanging in the room; Stick a bunch of little lights on the wall again. Small lights flashing, like seed of the little stars are blinking.

  After eating dinner, I went out with fireworks, sister and brother. Brother opened the lighters, lit the fuse. Listen to "pa", and a fire dragon into the sky, a beautiful "chrysanthemum" open. They are colorful, red, yellow, A green, green; A blue, and purple. Multicolored fireworks dancing like measures, such as golden light scattered, a split, such as the peacock... Is really beautiful. At this time, the elder sister took up a big fireworks, flat on the ground, lit with lighter. "Bang", it is to fly to the blue sky. It from time to time is like a delicate and charming red peony, such as a beautiful big huang ju, sometimes like a lovely violet.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇23

  You really have a great love for the Spring Festival. Because you can paste Spring Festival couplets, watch the Spring Festival gala, visit relatives and friends...

  Remember last year Spring Festival comes, I at home to learn to write couplets, I stood watching the adults write couplets, see their hand writing brush, dipped the dip in ink, and then wrote several characters on red paper. I cant remember the exact details. That one was so neat that I met my uncle and said, "can you teach me to write couplets?" I remember very well the father said, "would you use a brush? Do you know how to write couplets? I shook my head and said, "no." So he said, "youre a year older this year, and you wont even be able to use a pen. Ill teach you a few tricks while youre at it." Hearing my uncle, I jumped with joy. Uncle told me to sit up straight when writing and not to lie on the table. Then tell me in detail how to use the brush. Listening to my uncles words, I finally learned to use some of the most basic methods of writing brushes.

  Then the uncle asked me to write a few words for him to see. I wrote five words: "I love China most". Write the crooked, probably just use the brush! "The uncle smiled and smiled." the handwriting is good, but it is not straight." So uncle taught me again: "write each word is not to use the same power, in writing, every word with power to weight change, such written words have change, more looks is more beautiful. The uncle said and wrote a few words for me to imitate. Looking at his uncles writing is quite comfortable. I tried to write a few words in the manner of my uncle, and I was really improving, much better than what I had just written, and I was very happy. My uncle also told me that writing should be often practiced and more imitated. The more you write, the better you write.

  During this Spring Festival, I learned a little bit of writing brush stroke skills, which is more pleasant than lucky money, and more affordable.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇24

  The Spring Festival,every family decorated,beaming. This year’s Spring Festival,I had a particularly interesting. Until today,I remember. In the morning,our family made haste. Mother puts up spring couplets on the door. Greets me is “Japan Korea spring resident,and fuyong leave”. Said the family harmony happiness. For me,I have to help my mother to stick “f” word,were posted on the door. Mother hurriedly stop me and said,““ f” word should be negative,is the “f” to the harmonics,blessing to our family. Post during the Spring Festival couplets are festive,type,auspicious meaning.” Once I listen to,hurriedly (“ f “word. Dad are carefully prepared,hang the YiZhanZhan red lanterns. I think:this isn’t red lanterns represents the face of our country in the rapid changing?In the evening,it’s time to eat dinner. Fragrance filled the kitchen;There is big dinner table,make the person saw,mouth water. Table there is a fish,that means more than every year. The guests have arrived,gladly sitting in front of the table,taste with relish the family reunion dinner. Mom and dad smiling greeting the guests. The whole family happy,the house is full of happy atmosphere. After the meal,the grandmother to share out bonus package!Our house has a small agreement,young players have got the certificates,not only has a red envelope,there will be other rewards. This year,I was on the “three good student”. My grandmother gave me a red envelope,also gave me a nice pencil case. Encouraged me to study in the New Year,to the next level. Children received a red envelope,a bright smile on his face. 8 in the evening,our whole family on time opened the TV and watch the Spring Festival gala “. The melodious song,make people intoxicated;The graceful dance,make the person praise;The funny jokes,make people laugh;The wonderful routines,to make people laugh... The intermittent laughter ripples in the living room. This year’s Spring Festival,I had a very meaningful. I hope that next year the Spring Festival,I will live better!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇25

  Spring Festival is a favorite of children a day, I was no exception.

  This years Spring Festival, I am particularly pleased that you want to know why? It is better for me to tell you it! Danian Ye because, I must personally against the write affixed to the door. I hope that you hope that you and so on and so on, until at last the day. Good morning, my mother and breakfast, began to put the couplet. I wrote a lot of the couplet, "day by people Zengshou years, the Spring Fu Man on earth" and "the motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people." The election which piece? Her mother said: "The days of the years by people Zengshou, the grandfather of this to be more appropriate, we have a home which you elected Grandpa to be more appropriate, we have a home where you decide the election. "

  I thought, elected on a couplet of this couplet on the Alliance are: good spring of the motherland; Xia Lian is: well-being of many people.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇26

  In china, spring festival ione of the most important festivals. it ialso getting more and more popular in some foreign countries. when spring festival es, it meanthat a new year es, and people grow a year older. during the festival, it ivercrowded throughout the country.

  on the eve of spring festival, parentget food, clotheand spring festivalgoodprepared. the people who work outside e back, and the whole familgettogether to have mealand sagoodbye to the last year, and wele the new year. after the meal, thewait until midnight es. theset off fireworkthen.

  on the first morning of the spring festival, everyone weartheir new clotheand then go to otherhometo celebrate the new year. each familsetoff fireworkwhen their gueste, and thetake out sweetand peanutto share. on the following days, thego around to their relativeand friends. the spring festival haseveral meanings. it meanpeople working outside can e back to relax themselves, a new year begins. when spring es, farmerbegin to plant cropand people make a plan for the new year.

  all the people throughout the world pamuch attention to it. our countrof course holdsome national celebrationto celebrate it. thimost traditional festival in china will go on being celebrated in the future.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇27

  The spring festival ichinese most traditional festival ever365 days. each chinese pamuch attention on it. everyear about 15 daybefore spring festival,the migrate workand white-collarare beginning crowded home-returning.

  but,in recent years,with the development of the world,mandifferent attitudebetween the young and the old towardthe spring festival e forth. the old are still pamore attention to the spring festival,but the young graduallchange the mode to spend their spring festival holiday,such atravel overseas.

  when i am a childhood,i celebrated the spring festival with mfamilabout a month in mwinter vacation in traditional way,such ahelping cleaning our houses,putting red coupleton gates,setting off firecrackers,and wear new clothes. now,i spend onl4 or 5 dayat home with mparentin celebrating the spring festival,then i will hurrback to work. maybe in the near future,i will have no time celebrating spring festival hometown,and mparenthave to e to stawith uin the city.

  whether or no,i like the spring festival. it ione of the most important part of our chinese culture. however busi am,i will trmbest to celebrating it with the traditional wato protect those our ancestor haleave behind.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇28

  New Years Day is eing.My favourite day of a year is New Years Day,becuse I can eat lots of nice hot food and have a holiday.

  This year,I want to go to Beijing,because, there are a lot of lates,I can fish,that is very warmth,I cannot feel cold ,and this are many street,I can shopping,so I think it is very eliness,it is my wish.Now,I am really very excited.

  It is my holiday plan,I think it is really very

  great,And you?

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇29

  The Spring Festival is very important to Chinese people. In the past,people could not often have meat,rice or other delicious food. They could only eat these during the Spring festival. So every year they hoped that the Spring Festival would e soon. Now,although people‘s life is much better,and we can eat the delicious foods everyday. People still like the festival. Because most people can have a long holiday,and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friends or have parties with our family. In the evenings,we can have a big meal in the restaurant or stay at home with family and watch the TV programs.


  I like the Spring Festival very much. How wonderful the Spring Festival is!


  难忘春节的英语作文 篇30

  Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. The Spring Festival is very exciting, especially on the eve of the Spring Festival.

  The Spring Festival lasts for 15 days, there would be starting on the first day, to the end of the January 15 Lantern Festival.it is the busiest time of the year for Chinese people. The arrangements they have to make for family reunions,buying necessities and preparing food keeps them busy throughout the holiday. Many of them travel back home and meet friends over dinner and drinks. The celebrations include decorating the house and setting off fireworks.But we are talking about a tradition that seems to be fading.

  Spring Festival,as it is celebrated today,has undergone many changes,thanks to the country‘s economic development and globalization.

  Yet no Spring Festival is plete without food. People could not get good food whenever they desired in earlier times,something that does not apply to society today. More often than not,people faced the risk of famine. The best time for people to celebrate was when food was available in plenty,and that was possible in spring,or the beginning of the lunar new year. That was the main reason why Spring Festival acquired such great importance among Chinese people.

  But three decades of economic growth has ensured that people in China,except for those who are still poor,can enjoy a good meal whenever they want. Such has been the change in people‘s fortune that some have to be treated for obesity and other health problems associated with excessive eating.

  In the past,celebrations were limited to events like song-and-dance duets in North China,dragon/lion dances in South China and fireworks,which required the joint efforts of the entire munity. But economic development and urbanization seems to have weakened the social links among people. Many,especially those living in cities,are not interested in celebrating the festival with people they hardly know.

  Many customs associated with Spring Festival have changed,too. In the past,people used to visit relatives and friends with gifts and lots of good wishes. Today,many people,especially the youth,use their cell phones or the Internet to send their good wishes and even "gifts" to their relatives and friends. Some may say this a sign that people have bee less caring about their near and dear ones,but we should see this development as a time- and energy-saving exercise granted by the information age.

  In recent times,many people have started praying for a career promotion or more money instead of invoking God or the Buddha for a healthy and long life and the welfare of their family. But the number of such people is decreasing now,which shows that people are being more reasonable.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇31

  Dear Mike,

  How are you?I’m really glad that you are interested in traditional Chinese festivals.There are many traditional festivals in China,such as Spring Festival,Mid—Autumn Day and so on. I’d like to introduce the Spring Festival to you.

  Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday in China. It usually lasts for 15 days.Days before the festival,people clean their houses. They think cleaning sweeps any bad luck。.They decorate their houses with paper cuts.On the eve of the festival,family members get together and have big meals. Thenthey watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV. At midnight,they set off fireworks to wele the New Year.During the festival,kids get lucky money from old people.People visit their relatives and friends. They wish each a happy year and good luck. How happy we are.

  Best wishes!

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇32


  I’m glad to know you are having a good time in Chengdu.

  TheSpring Festival is the most important festival in China. It is a custom to give lucky money to children。.I get lucky money every year。.I will put most of it in the bank,and spend the rest on some books.This year is no exception(也不例外)and I also got lucky money.With it,I bought some school things for several poor students in Ningxia,hoping the things can bring some happiness to them.

  For you,I think it’s a good idea to buy a gift with the lucky money for your hostfamily before you leave China. You can also buy some Chinese gifts for your parents and friends in England. Or,just keep it as good memories.

  I hope what I said can help you.


  Li Hua

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇33

Dear Jhon :

  The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China It’s China’s New Year’s Day And they will do a lot of washing and cleaning in the houses

  On New Year Eve each family will gather tighter eating talking and watching TV for almost the whole night The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from parents or grandparents When they meet their neighbours or friends they’ll say: “Happy New Year!”

  I am ready to spend with together my family on the Spring Festival I’am going to see my grandparents and friengs Wellcome to China.

  难忘春节的英语作文 篇34

  The happy spring festival spring festival is on the first day of the first lunar month.chinese people most like the spring festival.during spring festival,Chinese people like having meals with their families,playing fireworks in the open air.my sisters and iplayed fireworks on that day。We had many fireworks.

  they were very beautiful.they were running into the sky and breaking into pieces.