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  我的好朋友英语作文 篇1

  The summer camp, the most happy, is getting to know a lot of friends from the provinces, liaoning, hebei, henan, shandong, heilongjiang, Shanghai... Everybody together, really happy!

  Although we are competitors on the stage, but off the field, everyone is friend.

  Take us the temporary accommodation, for instance. We except me and two other classmates from shaanxi shangluo outside, still have a junior high school students from Shanghai, two high school students from liaoning, a total of six girls. Just moved in the afternoon, we who also don't know who, just a greeting, then their respective. But after an afternoon of running-in, in the evening we then become no words don't talk about good friend! Song we are together chat, talk about their hometown, about hometown food, customs, finally even sang a song together. How happy! Would have a sleepless night, sleepy but has been to disturb us, in the middle of the night two points, everyone was not hold, then fell asleep, wake up the next morning, all out of spirits! After five days, we share, the advocacy. Dine together, go out together, to go to a game, a joke, dream together... Someone is not ready for the game, we together for him; When someone is not ready to recite with music, we helped her to find a way to together; Sometimes, we a few people even to play on a bed, have a rest. It's never too hot? Of course not, who let us be friends? Friends, let us each other have been concerned about the feeling. This for a child away from home, is how warm! And those players to compete, although very hurt I'm okay rivals, but we became friends, good friends. We would see everyone together, bursts of laughter. Left in the night before, we still sit in front of the dormitory building land, played the "killer" game, how carefree! Friends, let us be that far away from their parents, lost rely on heart no longer feel lonely. This is what a relief!

  On the morning of the left, everyone didn't say much. It is only 5 days, but in everyone's heart has already been remembering each other, have established a friendship behind him. The respectively, everyone's heart in the cry, tears in her eyes. But only watching their friends leave one by one, dragged to leave the body, leaving the back of sadness... This is how a kind of feeling, so sincere, so simple -- friendship!

  Actually, beside each one of us has many, many friends, but we are so taken for granted, the friend's care for granted to us, to ignore the importance of them.

  When you are sad tears, who is quietly handed a piece of paper for you, let you wipe the tears? When you down, who once again bother to encourage you, let you regain confidence in life? When you meet with difficulties, who stand up for you, let you out of the woods? Are friends. They use action in silent support you,

  They use action interpretation on the most sincere friendship.

  Maybe they are not great, maybe they don't succeed, maybe they are not good, perhaps they're not pretty, maybe they are not rich.. But. They are trying to do the duty of a friend, how can we not subtitles?

  From today, please be kind to every one of my friends around you, with our own efforts to protect this precious friendship!










  我的好朋友英语作文 篇2

  I have a good friend .She s a girl .Her name is Shu Xiaoxian .She s from China and she s chinese .She has two big eyes,long hair and small nose .She s in class one .She likes listening to music ,riding a bike and reading books .Her favourite fruit are apples,bababas and pear .Her favourite sports is runing !

  Look!This is my friend !

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇3

  Zhang Ying is my good friend. She’s in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She’s a model student. She’s clever and she’s helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school.

  She is good at Chinese, maths, English, arts and crafts, music and so on. She has a lot of hobbies. She likes painting and drawing. And she likes listening to music, having picnics with her parents.

  Oh yeah, she likes fishing, too. But she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tennis or volleyball. Zhang Ying is the best friend of mine. I like playing with her. We always work together and help each other.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇4

  I have a lively, cheerful good friend.

  His big eyes, curved eyebrows, short hair, a row of white teeth, smile is so handsome!

  When he was happy eyes narrowed into a crack, open the big mouth, like a hippo, there were two big front teeth. As long as you see him smile, you will follow him laugh.

  When he is angry, staring eyes, bite a tooth. If there is a table or sofa beside, he would knock once in a while. If not, his fist grip like steamed bread.

  His lonely listlessly and hung (down) his head as if to cry.

  This is my good friend. Can you guess who he is?







  我的好朋友英语作文 篇5

  I have a good friend. She is a very nice person. The first time I saw her at school, she smiled at me and I like her a lot. When we do homework in a team, we become friends. As we share the same interest, we are close. Now we often hang out for fun and we cherish our friendship so much.


  我的好朋友英语作文 篇6

  I have a good friend. She is a girl. And she is pretty. She is very good at English! And her English grades are very well!


  My good friend is a student of HengFu Road Middle School in class five junior one. She is 13 years old. She is 1 years older than me. And she has two beautiful eyes. She has a cherry mouth and a little nose. She loves to smile. And her smile is very beautiful.


  Do you know her hobby? Let me tell you! Her favourite sport is badminton. She enjoys doing housework and playing computer games. So her mother loves her very much. And all of her family love her, too.


  I am very happy to be her friends!


  我的好朋友英语作文 篇7


  My good friend is Jingtao. He is nine years old. The day after tomorrow, June 8 is his birthday. He has a fat body, thick legs and is very strong. Though his round face has small eyes, they are full of spirit.


  Jingtao is very clever. He is our monitor. His achievements in Chinese, mathematics and English are all very good. He loves to sing the song "nunchaku" and plays magic very much. His wish is to be a magician when he grows up. He also likes playing water.


  He is my good friend and an example to me.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇8

  Friend, I want to say to you: "thank you for sticking with me. You've been bosom friends," tianya zorpia. 'when I was the most lonely, lonely, let me happy is that you use humorous speech, forget all worries and troubles. How many times have the sad and sad after see your smiling face into the dust."

  Friend, I have too many too many words want to say to you, but even if there are thousands of words can Syria to the best of my missing for you? Of course not. We won't be the same, the fate of such a long way in the future, we will meet? Maybe not, but I can think of, can't forget all about you, no matter what, I believe, the same to you.

  Dear friend, I sincerely wish you happiness.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇9

  Her eyes like black stones, round, really cute. Her nose is small, she laughed, his mouth upwards, like curved small bananas. Her hair pitch-black shine, short, very much like a small mushroom. Her face red, like a big apple.

  Look! She is wearing a pink jacket, the sleeve is yellow, like a small bird.

  She is wearing green trousers, legs, and a teddy bear!

  She was angry, eyebrows lifted high, du mouth up, and her hands rested on her hips, everyone is afraid of her.

  Shen Ying wave, my friend, really cute, true cleverness, all like her very much, you also make friends with her!

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇10

  I have a friend.Her name is Kitty.She is eleven years old.Her birthday is on the twentieth of September.We are in the same class.We both like sports.We usually play badminton after school.We sometimes have a pinetic at the weekend.She is kind to others.We like each other.We like each other and we like to be together.We are good friends.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇11

  I think a good friend is like a mirror.

  My best friend is such a person.I'm quieter and more serious than most kids.That's why I like reading books and I study harder in class.My best friend is quiet,too.So we enjoy studying together.But we are not in the same class.So we don't often meet.She is popular in her class.She is taller and thinner than me.My eyes are bigger than her.

  We both like sports,but she plays football better than me.However,she often helps to bring out the best in me.She is good at math,but I'm not.My Chinese grade is better than her.Friends are like books一一you don't need a lot of them as long as they're good.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇12

  I made a good friend at school.His name is Charlie.He is from England.His Chinese is not very good.The teacher asked us to help each other.I taught him Chinese and he taught me English.I like him so much that I would like to introduce him to you.

  We are best friends.We rarely have problems.We all appreciate each other.We play and study and eat together.Our friendship will be better and better.

  This is also what I learned from school.I not only learned knowledge but also made a good friend.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇13

  Han Mei is my best friend. We know each other since we were born. Because we are twins. She is my elder sisiter. Like most twin sisters, we look almost the same. The most easy way to to distinguish us is that she has a scar on her arm. It is my fault. When we are six years old, we played beside the stair, and then I pushed her down the stair accidently. She got hurt but not blame me at all. That is the history of her scar. Since then our parents always recognize us with that mark. Han Mei is better than me in study.

  So, sometimes I was criticized by our mother for failing the exam, she will pretend me to receive the criticism, without making my mother see the mark. I’ m so thankful for this. So sometimes I will pretend her to take part in the piano class, as she is not interested in it. It is so interesting to play such game.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇14

  I have many friends, Chinese friends and foreign , I want to introduce my best friend to you.Cherry is my best friend from Singapore, and she is a girl.She is very smart and beautiful.She likes singing, dancing and shopping.She is good at maths, English and Chinese.She often help me do my homework, so I make a great progress in my lessons now.Of course she also likes playing pingpong, and her pingpong skill is great, and always enjoy themseves with her pingpong friends.Do you want to know more information about Cherry? Oh, I would like to introduce more information about her to you next time.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇15

  I have a good friend.She is a very nice person.The first time I saw her at school, she smiled at me and I like her a lot.When we do homework in a team, we become friends.As we share the same interest, we are we often hang out for fun and we cherish our friendship so much.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇16

  Childhood friends, is mostly a playmate. In the real heart are interlinked, on a deeper level of solidarity, impress me, is a junior high school friends.

  Open message board when graduation, she sincere words again at my heart. "Good good study, day day up, don't forget I have good things to eat." This is written by xiao yong. The greedy little daily from early to late, but not long. Remember that students write articles, hope so, "to see him again in the future, is tall and handsome." Well, I wish him so. "Husband, wish natural and unrestrained away." Every time I see this message, then want to smile. Isn't it? Look at this title "husband", of course, this "wife". She is my junior high school's best friend, daily follow you. Despite daily always some small problems, but friendship evergreen. On the message board is just a word, and my friends the laughing faces are deeply engraved on my heart. Now, learn, remember that for three years, really feel warm. West lake view, the tiger spring to take ZongGe tianchi mountain, the scenes so clearly demonstrated in front of me. Think of old friends in the hot sun, I in to see a doctor; Exams are down, friends give me encouragement; Think of you for a small topic is flushed. Close examination, we still don't forget to be caring and attentive. Again tense moment, also want to take time together chat. Although some "boast not taxed" taste, but they, after all, the small dream become mighty together.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇17

  x and I are good friends, one day, we put in the manual group do the small wooden boat that come out to play, x carelessly give broke my little boat, and I will argue with him. Dispute, x and put it on is broken, I was very angry, the anger of the heart was burning up, then took his little boat, and thrown to the ground, and then violently stepped on one foot, said 1: "you dare to break my things." x's tears streamed immediately.

  After school, I walk on my way home has been want to this matter, so more think more guilt. Told the matter so I ran home with my mother, my mother after listening, and earnest said to me: "first of all, he gave you the small wooden boat to broke, maybe he didn't mean it, and he broke your wooden boat, you don't have to give his small wooden boats to break ah, you come to school tomorrow, with somebody else a apology, somebody else might even forgive you.

  The next day, I went to school, he saw the prepared in my seat, as if he is waiting for me. I walked slowly in the past, my heart don't know what to say. At this time, x looked down gently between said 1: "yesterday I'm so sorry, I shouldn't put your wooden boat broke, please forgive me. x generous touched me:" it doesn't matter, I was wrong, I shouldn't step on your boat, I'm sorry. "" I hope we can be good friends forever. "

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇18

  A pretty poor, but her performance is very good, but in order to can not be so poor went home to read...

  Is a lively and lovely, but is likely to be like her mother in order not to let the general classmates, also transfer the...

  A man called jade-like stone, she is my friend, can accompany me to study in the ancient stove, when I was her sister, that is, of course, I also when she was younger sister...

  One day, I and jade-like stone to travel together, all the time thinking about girl and instrument.

  Jade-like stone said: do you want to, and now?

  I said, maybe they also on travel!

  We walk, suddenly I met on the road, qi depressed, guided sister go together.

  Jade-like stone said: is that a girl? We used to see the girl is not so!

  I go over and whispered, qi, how to return a responsibility, how depressed?

  Qi also quietly said: as you know our family is very poor, but the teacher in charge have to we go to our home quickly

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇19

  I have a good friend. Her name is Wang Yan. She is thirteen years old. She is a Chinese girl. She comes from Chongqing. She is in Chongqing No. 3 Junior High School. She has two big black eyes, long black hair and a small nose. Her face is round. She is very nice. Her favorite color is yellow. She is often in yellow clothes. She likes English very much. She can speak English very well. She likes Sichuan food a lot. She doesn’t like milk at all.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇20

  My good friend is Wu Yantong.He has a round head, a small mouth, a pair of big ears and round eyes.We play football, dinosaurs, homework and books together.Its characteristic is that as long as others take his snowflakes, he will always laugh at him loudly, and he cries even more.We cant learn like people with thick faces.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇21

  She, a kind of "child", never grow up, can not let a person want to put her hands in the heart. Persistent, wrong, should be stubborn, is her personality. It's not, another thing let me helpless...

  "I wrote a letter to you, don't forget to go home and open the email..." Don't want to know this sentence is from the "naivety" of her. The words sound just fell, I slowly raised his head, and a lazy facial expression in facial expansion drive slowly, "please! Who are now in the 21st century, with his hand still write ah, can you modern (modern) a little."

  She immediately made a look of anger and mixed with disdain. I can't stand her to do the most in this expression, not because I was afraid of her angry, but because she do the expression will let me have a kind of inarticulate afflictive, "okay, I got home to open the email, the line, happy......" . "That's more like it," managed to send her away, otherwise, sometime is when her bother, I can't stand her fatigue bombing.

  There's a phrase in a letter to my complaint, the twinkling of an eye, three years later, we have known each other for three years. We have the danger in the wind and rain, we are growing together in happiness." Each recall the words, touched on the ripples in the heart for a long time. "If you ask me to grade, we are about to graduate, the years of friendship will exist? We are still no words don't talk about good friend? Is that we will each rush thing, like and primary school, enter a new environment, it also has a new group of friends?"

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇22

  On the road of my life, I lost a lot, and also gain a lot, and friends always stand by me. Along the way, way for me.

  Small yan is my primary school classmates, he is neither a flirt broad waist circle, also is not heavy, only is ugly.

  The long dark black rod siting of others, a little short, slender elongated in the face, a pair of small eyes, looks very small, but I would like to with him.

  In class, he always read some words wrong, like yong, ying, he doesn't have a read on, often the tongue sino-japanese cost lingual, provoked the whole class burst into laughter.

  Strange to say, the teacher called him read, in the course of his reading, I often by ripping up the heart, can you say I don't have to worry about?

  But in the laughter of the students, I found him reading the wrong word less and less.

  One afternoon, I go to his house to play, just go to his home, outside heard a long "yong -".

  I pushed the door open to see one eye, originally he is mirror, learning pronunciation? His discovery that I'm here, I went to see the pronunciation right. "Yong", "yes, you are great!" Mk. On the sentence wrong again, and then repeated for nearly an hour, he finally learned to.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇23

  Zhang Ying is my good friend. She’s in Class 1, Grade 4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She’s a model student. She’s clever and she’s helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school. She is good at Chinese, maths, English, arts and crafts, music and so on. She has a lot of hobbies. She likes painting and drawing. And she likes listening to music, having picnics with her parents. Oh yeah, she likes fishing, too. But she doesn’t like playing basketball, football, table tennis or volleyball. Zhang Ying is the best friend of mine. I like playing with her. We always work together and help each other.


  我的好朋友英语作文 篇24

  I have a friend.Her name is Amy .She is my best friend.She has long hair,a pair of big eyes and a small mouth.Shes very hardworking.And shes very helpful at home.She often play sprots with me.Amy very like singing,she is going to make a singer.

  This is my best friend,Amy.A hard working and helpful girl.

  我的好朋友英语作文 篇25

  Nobody can get through life without friends. I'm no exception. I met my best friend Sunny in a cram school during ourlastyear of junior high school.

  We prepared for the high school entrance examination together and often discussed our lessons as we were studying after school. Sunny is asmartand well-mannered girl. Notonlyis she as expert at studying, but she also knows how to have fun. Every time I am blue, she soothes me and helps me find solutions to my problems. I'm glad that I have a friend who is like an intimate sister.

  I value our friendship and hope that it will last forever.








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