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  I'll always remember, when I was young my father took me to climb mountains, to the way, I was tired of, sweating heavily. Why I asked his father, father, and I am tired of sweating heavily, but will continue to climb? Father said, because when the moment you hold on, that when you to the top of the hill, you will see you for the beautiful landscape of adherence. At that time of I, to stick to understand is not deep, only if you insist on, even if the win. Father also know what I think, he didn't tube me, he has always been to my request is independent.

  When I was grade three, because small thing had quarreled with my classmates, even moving his hand. I told my father that day, I want to drop out of school, I don't want to read, I want to go to work. You can think of a three grade kid said to his father, he is going to work is how ridiculous. Father agreed, however, that can let me rest for two weeks, and this two weeks, he will take me to the factory to work. I said yes, I know it hurt my father is, he won't let me do heavy work.

  I want to wrong, even when I know, father took me to the other watch I understood to come over, father is really very painful, so he didn't want to see my tired appearance, he took me into his friends. So, I'm cursed his father side, the side to his friend to work there.

  That two weeks is the life I've had the longest period of time, and even then, I didn't even have cursed his father's heart, I want to just go back to school, if in the school, will be comfortable than in this a few times. So I thick face said to my father, I want to go back to school. Father quietly told me, I won't forget in my life.

  Back to school after, I more efforts than before, and I also apologize for the fight with my classmate, he forgave me. I just keep on learning, until I later went to college, find a good job so far. Even, I was also insist to work, others not run a business, I went twice. So, because I insist on, I became the boss of the company, also to marry his daughter. He said, he is very fond of individuality, and said I perseverance, courage, fortitude, courage.

  I heard him say those words, I think of my father once said to me a few words.

  "I don't know, you are grown up now, but I know I am old, if you're in the way, you will like the roadside beggar, lives on other people."

  "Don't ask me how to do well, I will send you back to school, but this is your last chance, if you don't study well, the next semester will really did you go to work, rather than experience."

  "I can teach you much, I can only tell you, I now everything is my insist, win."











  "Failure is the mother of success, but the premise of make failure into success is to learn to persevere." This is the lesson for me "bowls on the young". It is not only the young, and I have failed.

  Remember that year, the violin teacher Yang come to my house to call me to play the violin. "Do, re, me duo" "no, I didn't pull the last duo." Yang teacher looked at me for a while, popped up from his mouth three words: pull again. So I again from the beginning, thought that this can be, but it hates "duo" and I ran. The young teacher was very angry. He looked at me and said nothing.

  I was afraid, I'm afraid to mistake the teacher would say I; I am afraid of again wrong mom would mean I; I am afraid of again wrong dad would laugh at me said: "kui you said you well, I see you blow." ...... I want to try the faith conquered it. I plucked up the courage to largest asked the teacher: "teacher, I can try again?"

  What is the result? As a result, I finally succeeded together.

  By this time, let me understand a truth success is not far from every one of us, as long as you work hard, as long as you are willing to adhere to. You'll become a winner.

  In the later days, whenever I meet with difficulties, I always think of my violin. Somehow, I often think of the time. I will use all my strength to hold on. We can achieve success.

  Let's do a learn to insist, learn to be fail to people!