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  I have a very kind mother.

  She had short black hair and a few strands of white hair. Because of the overuse of eyes, the collapsed bridge has a red border of glasses on the shelf. An answer to any mathematical problem in the mouth can be said. He's a little short. She is not beautiful in the eyes of others, but she is very beautiful in my heart.

  One evening when we came home from school, it was raining hard. The students' parents came and went, and there were few students left in the room. Then my mother hurried from work, and I was happily hiding under my mother's umbrella. It was raining harder and harder, but the rain couldn't get through me, the magic umbrella. I looked up at my mother and saw that my mother had been getting wet, and my mother had always put an umbrella on my side. I hastened to push my mother's hand around her, and the rain came pouring down on me, and my mother took the umbrella again. It was tears and rain on my face.

  Another time, we were out playing, and I was having a hard time breaking my leg. My mother crouched down to take me to the hospital, and I looked at her thin, thin body and said, "I can walk on my own, without my back." But mom didn't agree. "no," she said. "if you have a broken bone, you'll get worse if you limp." So she stopped and took me to the hospital.

  This is my good mother, a very kind mother loves my mother very much.







  The man I respect most is my mother, my favorite person is my mother, is the mother gave me life, taught me to be the truth, my mother gave me selfless love, let me grow.

  My mother has long, thick hair and a round face. My mother's face is like a red apple. The crooked eyebrows, bright eyes, red lips, medium height, very slim, my mother is about thirty years old and wears a pair of gold glasses. My mother is very beautiful, she is gentle, she is generous, she is caring and careful, she has what good things give me first.

  One day, my mother and I at the gore silk on the way home saw a grandpa in selling small fish, I hurriedly ran over and saw the ground with a variety of aquarium, fish tank are: the parrot fish, guppy, golden dragon fish, fish, etc. I said, "mom, let's buy some small fish." The mother said, "well, how many can I buy?" I say: "buy six fish!" We bought six guppies, carefully and happily, carrying the little fish home.

  Mother brush the fish tank clean, then I will gently put little fish in the fish tank, little fish into the fish tank, is happy to swim in the water, the mother said: "after that let you to raise a few small fish!" I said, "ha, ha! I know this is my mother's patience and love for the little animal, and I know it will be useful to the society in the future.

  Mother brought me a wonderful life, I have good good study, day day up and thanked my mother's support, there is only a mother good, have mama of children like a treasure.







  My mother is a very simple mother, her thrift, bear hardship without complaint to give up everything for us, I love her very much..

  I remember one time I went to my grandmother's house, playing all day, tired to sleep, but in the evening, I had a fever, my grandma this is panic, and give me water, while saying, how can this do? In desperation, grandma called mother. Father and mother rushed, my mother gave me to feed water, take medicine, and then stroked my head, sleep! A fever is. In the mother's comfort, I soon fell asleep, mother? Did not sleep a wink all night. When I called to see mother woke up, the haggard face, could not help but shed tears, I ran into her mother's arms and said "Mom, I love you."

  I love my mother. Happy mother's day to all mothers in the whole world.