My Family 我的家庭英语作文

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My Family 我的家庭英语作文


My Family 我的家庭英语作文

  1 My Family 我的家庭

  I have a happy family. There are three people in my family, my father, mother and me.巴士英语

  My father is a businessman. He is always busy with his work and he often goes to business trips. But when he is free, he stays with us.

  My mother is a worker. She works hard, too. She works hard to take care of our home. I love my parents.


  我爸爸是一名商人,他总是忙于工作,而且他 经常出差。但是,只要他一有时间,他就陪我们。



  2 My family(我的家庭)

  I come from a family of six people.Everyone in my family is very friendly.My grandpa is a kind old man.He usually cooks nice dishes for us.My father is a farmer.He works hard every day in he field.My mother is a shop assistant.She sells things which people often use in their daily life.I have a little brother.His name is Liu Xiaolong.He is only 3.He is the shortest and naughtiest in my family.My name is Liu Xiaojing.I am a middle school student.

  This is my family--a happy family.

  3 My Family(我的家庭)

  My family lives in Hsi-hu.There are four people in my family.They are my father,my mother,my sister and I.My father is tall and thin.He is a handsome man.He has big eyes.His hair is straight.He likes to watch TV and movies and read books.My mother works in an office.She cooks very well.She likes to read books,too.She is short and thin.My sister is a student.She is an independent girl.She is very graceful.I am a student,too.But I study in a junior high school.I go to school every weekend.I like to play dodge ball and listen to music very much.much.I like my family because each family member helps me a lot.

  4 My Family(我的家庭)

  My family lives in Taiwan,but my father doesn't.He lives in China.My family name is Jian.I have one brother and one sister.My name is Jeff.My brother's name is Art.My sister's name is Sophia.My father's name is Jian Zong-he and my mother's name is Jenny.I like to watch TV and play PC games.My brother likes them,too.My father and my mother both like to watch TV.My brother and I are both junior high school students.My father is a businessman.My mother is a businesswoman.I like my family very much.

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