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  With the development of science and technology, TV programs also more and more. Someone asked me, what do you like better, the TV show? I most like to watch "animal world", it told me a lot of truth, also let me grow a lot of knowledge. To watch the show, let me know of python, agile little monkey, cute little lion, tiger, majesty and hordes of dogs...... Let me know how the ants carrying food, how to reproduce; Elephants how to teach the elephant to walk; How to teach little cheetah cheetah learn to prey on...

  If you asked me why I like this program, my answer will make you surprised. I began to don't like animals, and very afraid. Through this program, I not as timid as he used to, slowly began to come into contact with animals, but think animals are indispensable for human, animals and humans are also indispensable food chain in the earth. I can also learn about the animal survival difficult and not dangerous. In the law of the jungle survival environment, they have to be very careful, because every wrong move, there is the risk of death.

  Among them, let me feel the deepest is: a tigress in her baby in a few years old must abandon it, because tigers must learn to feed himself, mother can't support it for the rest of your life, the mother tiger must abandon their own babies, to make the little tiger to worldly sinister, to become a real tiger.

  See this story, I learned the, we can't, like a little princess, the little emperors, we should learn to care since I was a child, so I grew up don't have to depend on their parents. Because his parents cannot take care of our lifetime, only we study hard now, to help parents do household chores, you can reach more early learn to provide for oneself, ability is a decent man.

  Now humans are very precious animals, in the "animal world", I often see the human to save wildlife touching story. I believe that humans and animals will be friendly forever, harmonious coexistence.

  随着科技的发展,电视节目也越来越多。有人问我,你最喜欢看什么电视节目?我最喜欢看《动物世界》,它告诉了我许多道理,也让我增长了许多知识。 收看这个节目,让我认识了吃人的蟒蛇、敏捷的小猴子、可爱的小老虎、威严的狮子,还有成群结队的野狗……让我知道了蚂蚁是怎样搬运食物的,怎么繁殖后代的;大象如何教小象行走;猎豹怎样教小猎豹学会捕食……






  Whenever hear the bird had wings, horse pentium, violent frog a long song, I always put down the remote and in this "big box" to explore the mysteries of nature more, to understand the unique natural time.

  It is CCTV10 science and education channel of "man and nature".

  I am a man who love animals, but also a man like the acquisition of knowledge. Remember at the age of five, I saw the show, was deeply attracted by jing flamingos inside, always like to ask "why" I obediently sat down beside the television, cocked his head to listen announcer mysterious and interesting, let me know many unique creature.

  I saw the picture: day everyone would fly the birds in the sky, the carefree laughter and bring great vitality; Snake flutters its posture, like carefree is not relaxed, when are you available, swoop to come over, suddenly zhang out of the jaws; Butterflies and bees dance the waltz, song sing toil in flowers; The leopard high-speed movement, cells of the body movement, is a good meal...

  I fell in love with "man and nature", after on the junior high school, they threw the fell in love with animals, to be honest, "man and nature" this program really helped me a lot, on biological learning, let me understand the fun of all the forms, are more likely to get good grades, get more and better new knowledge, learn more about the secrets of nature.

  Breathing the nature of the wind, sucking the nature of the rain, bathed in the sunshine of nature, listen to the birds of the nature, you'll be to relax, the most happy smile face...